We all are in transit from one place to another and it is in between these two states that we tell our story.


I’ve experimented with a number of different art forms such as, sculpting, drawing and painting; I also have a strong interest in industrial design and studied furniture making. I have always admired artists who create art using different medias and I have always aspired to be one of them. One day, I came across paper cut art and found it to be the best match for the type esthetic I wanted to create. My Roman Catholic upbringing and interest in iconographic design compelled me to experiment with paper to try and recreate the feeling of stained glass windows, like those found in Catholic churches.

Growing up in Italy, and having a devoutly Catholic mother, I spent many Sunday mornings in The Basilica di San Marco in Venice, which was our local church. It is there that I first experienced art through the icons of various saints and the Virgin Mary displayed throughout the cathedral. I have always been fascinated with the iconographic style and with the relationship between religious worship and contemporary obsessions. Often these two worlds collide, and the result is a society that displays religious devotion for modern fixations. 

Italians venerate an endless numbers of saints and pay special reverence to the Virgin Mary. The devotion to each saint is specific to the type of preoccupation you are afflicted with. In my art, I attempt to capture the similarity between Catholic worship and veneration of religious figures with obsession with social networking and the idolatry of internet popularity. In a way, theorizing that the internet has become our modern-day religion; social networks are our contemporary churches; and internet celebrities have becomes the saints and Virgin Mary of today.  




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